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Welcome to my new web site

by on May 20th, 2016 Leave a Comment

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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    How To Create A Consistent Monthly Income With Real Estate Investing...
    8-17-18 5:00 pm - Quills Coffee Firehouse
    House Flipping & Investing Mentor - Louisville

    Hey Everyone...Unlike our past meetups at my office we are doing this virtually. Call it on demand training so to speak... You will need to register here @ In This Masterclass You'll Discover 3 Powerful...

    8-17-18 5:00 pm - Quills Coffee Firehouse
    The Louisville French Language Meetup Group

    PLEASE BE KIND TO RSVP YES or NO by log in on this linkThank you! Frais: 3 dollars par personne; 4 dollars si vous prenez du vin... Chers amis, Prêts pour notre prochaine conversation? ce jeudi à Fante's Coffee à 6h du soir Amitiés Michel

    Coffee and Ruby Hacking
    8-17-18 5:00 pm - Quills Coffee Firehouse
    Louisville Ruby Brigade


    Shut Up & Write! NuLu
    8-17-18 5:00 pm - Quills Coffee Firehouse
    Shut Up & Write!™ Louisville

    • What we'll doJoin us for 80 minutes of writing! We’ve discovered that it’s strikingly helpful to write with other writers. See if it’s true for you at 5:30pm on Friday afternoons. Be it a book, blog, script, essay, dissertation, resume,...